A Note from Ms. Garcia

Dear Fifth Grade Families:

I wanted all families to be aware of next Friday’s Social Studies test on Chapter 3, Lessons 1-4.  We have read it together, done the vocabulary words, answered the main questions in each lesson’s review, done the chapter review, and completed the necessary pages in the Practice book.  In addition, we have taken notes for Lessons 1-4 in Chapter 3.  All of these components will be what your child needs to study for the test.  Since they have not taken very many tests like this, we have talked about it and have come up with a plan so that they can all be successful.  The plan is for them to reread the lessons and go over their notes, etc.  I suggested 15-20 minutes a day for studying time.  These study skills will prove invaluable for them if they follow our plan.  If you have any questions, please see me.


Welcome to fifth grade Spanish! We are starting off the year learning about “las partes del cuerpo” or parts of the body. We are singing songs, and dancing.  We are also creating our own creatures and writing about them. On Tuesday, September 11 we will be having our first quiz. Each student has received a vocabulary study guide to help them review. Have a great week!

Sra. Van Straalen

Weekly News

Wow, It is September!

Some Reminders:

We have Mass every Thursday.  Students are encouraged to bring in offering to support a charity designated by the Student Council.  This month we are collecting for Doctors Without Borders. Thanks, in advance, for your continued support.

The Eagle Express comes home every Wednesday and all contents should be removed.  So far, students are doing an excellent job of returning it on Thursday.

We are finishing our 1st Lit Study; Flora & Ulysses. Our final QWest will be on Friday. Today we enjoyed working in small groups discussing some keys points in the final chapters of the book.


This week the fifth graders set up redworm habitat systems to study detritivores. Redworms are “nature’s recycler” in that they feed on food scraps, left overs, garden waste, and leaves.  Students will record what organic materials go into the habitat with about 15 redworms and observe changes in the worm jar over 1–2 months.
There will be a test on Monday, September 10 over our Living Systems unit so far.  A study guide was handed out today and we had a short review.  Students can take their journals home to study.

Dear  Families,

It was great to see so many of you at Curriculum Night. For those of you who could not attend I will send home a red folder in the Eagle Express this week.  

I also will be finishing up with Intake Conferences this week. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

Tomorrow we have our first Qwest #1 on Flora & Ulysses.  It will strictly be matching.  As we go through the year we will begin to add part of speech, using the vocabulary words in a sentence, picking out the correct word from a word bank, as well as having many more words on a test.  

We are also practicing how to study for tests and prioritizing our homework time.

There will be an early dismissal on Friday so please plan on picking up your child at noon.  Aftercare will be available if needed. There will be no school on Monday due to the Labor Day holiday.

Just a reminder that there is a Chipotle fundraiser at the Grant location tomorrow.  It is between 4-8 p.m. with 33% of the proceeds being donated back to our school.

This morning we enjoyed another lesson focusing on our Value of the Month hosted by Mrs. Gould and her 7th Graders. We learned how I-Statements were much better than You-Statements when communicating with others.


Highlights from last week….

Monday Dr. Teller shared a lesson on our Value of the Month: LOVE.

Thursday our first team of acolytes served at Mass.

Thursday evening we had a very successful Curriculum Night and parents enjoyed the drawings of our favorite parts of our book Flora & Ulysses.