March 14th; Pi Day Fun!!

5th Grade joined 6th Grade for a Pi Day Math activity which was not only a lot of fun but also a great collaboration of math minds!

The 5th graders got a chance to mix and mingle with the 6th graders and Ms. Gould, Mrs. Breault, and Dr. Schaub.




Today, students determined the relative concentrations of three mystery salt solutions (the most concentrated and the most dilute) by comparing equal volumes on a balance. More concentrated solutions have a greater mass.

Later this week, students will  observe that a mass piece sinks in one liquid and floats in another, because the liquids are different densities. Armed with the knowledge that less dense objects float on more dense liquids, students investigate four salt solutions to discover which is more concentrated based on how they layer.

Love of Reading Week!

We are enjoying the love of reading ALL Week!

Book Fair in the Parish Center – Wednesday to Friday

Collecting New and Gently Used Books to donate to the Angel Heart Pajama Project

Reading with our Buddy Class

and more….

February News… Enjoy your Rodeo Break!!

February News

BCBS Walk On! Challenge

The Walk On! Challenge is a fun program that teaches fourth- and fifth-graders easy ways to eat better, to get enough exercise so that they can be strong, healthy and full of energy to do all the fun things they want to do (plus do well in school). It’s a fight against childhood obesity.  A special thank you to both Bobby and Luc who entered the Kids Cooking Challenge. Bobby’s recipe Sun’s Salad and Luc’s recipe Fruit Flower Appetizer both were excellent but unfortunately did not make the top five. Thank you for participating!! The top five recipes are posted on the website and the students have voted for their favorite one. Please go and look at the resources on this website and see what  the 5-2-1-0 challenge is all about.

There are a couple of reminders this week:

  • ALL re-enrollment contracts are due by Wednesday, February 15th in order to save a spot for your student in 6th Grade. After this date they open up the spots to students on the waiting list.
  • Their “Hatchet” Literature final is on Thursday.   
  • 2nd Trimester Reading Logs need to be updated and ready to print by Friday
  • Our trimester ends on Friday.  That means we have only one more trimester in the 5th grade year.  Unbelievable!!

Today the students will be given information about the upcoming Heritage project.  Your child will receive a packet with very specific due dates.  We did this to help your child learn to prioritize for projects and long term assignments. It will be helpful to also write their due dates down on the family calendar.  They will have them written in their assignment books, but an additional reminder will be helpful.

Save the date: Heritage Night, March 23rd, 5:30 – 6:30pm. This is mandatory for the students.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is what makes the world go around!   Ms. Hayward