Updates and Announcements; 10/23 – 10/27

Congrats to the 5th Grade for coming in 2nd place in the Box Top Contest! Good job! BUT keep saving the Box Tops as we will do another contest in the Spring.

I will be away Wednesday – Friday at the SAES Conference in Houston, Texas. Paul Vernon will be my sub and he has subbed for me many times and is very aware of the 5th Grade schedule and expectations.

We have finished reading our 2nd Literature Study – Sing Down the Moon. Our QWest #3 will be on 10/30.

Today we had a very important Math Ch. 2 Quiz. We had been working on these lessons all last week. The students will be bringing the quiz home tonight to be signed and corrected. Tomorrow they will have a second chance to improve their grades which ranged from 100% to F’s.  They need to practice and study math rules each evening. I had even posted the rules on the board before this Chapter Quiz on Lessons 1 – 4.

In case you are shopping for a costume this weekend, I wanted to make sure that you are aware that we can’t accomodate inflatable costumes.  They are not something that the student can comfortably wear all day.  They are hot and it is not easy to even sit in them.  They are much more appropriate for trick or treating.  Also, if the costume has a mask, it will need to be removed during class time.  Thanks for your help in guiding your children in costume selection. If the students do not want to wear a costume to school they come in school uniform.

Tomorrow we will have our 2nd visit from Mrs. Scovil, the art docent from the Tucson Museum of Art. We always look forward to these extra art lessons.

A Note from Ms. Monsma

Art at the Library!
During the month of November, the Wilmot Library offers us space to display the creative output of St. Michael’s students. Intermediate and Middle School students have created winter holiday-
themed images – elf legs, holiday ornaments and “ugly holiday sweaters”, for example! Each project focused on the use of balance and compositional organization while building skills in the
use of collage and water color. Please stop by to see these wonderful projects!



This week, students begin to explore the circulatory system.  Students will learn how blood is delivered to every human cell by a system of vessels connected to a pump, the heart.   We will also read about the structures inside the human heart. Students will then use simple equipment to assemble a functional model of a circulatory system that can pump blood to the lungs, collect blood from the lungs, and pump it to the body, where it is recycled.

Student of the Week – a great moment of sharing!

We enjoy our 5B Student of the Week moments. This is a week where 5th Graders share things that we may not know about them.

On Monday of their week they bring in a poster which may include a few favorite pictures and a ‘top 10 list’ of things people may not know about them – favorite color, book, movie, tv show, food, dessert, etc. They also bring in a few items that mean something special to them to display for the week.
On Friday they explain everything to their classmates and answer questions.

Thank you to Joey and Allison who were our 1st Students of the Week.




Spanish Class News

¡Hola!  The fifth graders have started their new unit “La Ropa”. They are learning new vocabulary for various articles of clothing and accessories. Students will work in groups to design their own store. They will design clothes, take inventory and come up with a store name, all in Spanish. At the end of our unit, students will practice buying and selling items using the Spanish phrases they have learned.

¡Hasta luego!

Sra. Van Straalen

News of the Week

Our new literature study is Sing Down the Moon.  We will be having a Qwest for the first set of vocabulary words on 9/29.  The students should have already made flashcards for these words.  They will also need to know the part of speech.

QWest #1 – Sing Down the Moon   Friday September 29th

Grammar TEST on Unit 1 – Tuesday October 3rd

On Sunday, October 1, 2017, there will be a car wash from 11-1.  Proceeds will go to our sister school, Holy Spirit, in Houston Texas.  Many families from the school were affected by the hurricane and displaced from their homes.  Donations in the form of cash or gift cards (Home Depot, Walmart, Lowes, American Express) are greatly appreciated.  You may take contributions to the office or your child may bring donations to me and I will make sure that they are included with the school gift. You may learn more about Holy Spirit at http://www.hses.org.


Please make sure that sweaters, coats, jackets, etc. have your child’s name written on them.  The best way is to just put a last name and 5B on the collar label.  There have already been several left outside without names.  They will go to the Lost and Found, but if there is a name items usually are returned to the homeroom. Please refer to the student handbook about color of sweaters, coats, and jackets.

Dates to keep in mind:

October 4th –  Mid trimester reports will be sent home

October 9th – 13th  Fall Break

October 20th –  Grandparents Day

November 9th –  1st Trimester Ends  (Dismissal at Noon)

November 10th –  No School



This week students will explore Animal nutrition.  We will learn how animals get nutrients and the different levels in a feeding relationship involving producers, consumers and decomposers. Students investigate how animals acquire nutrients for their cells by eating and digesting food.

The human digestive system is explored through a video that shows an experiment on chemical digestion in the stomach.