Our 5th Grade Class Project! Amazing!

Hope to see everyone at our Wild West Casino Night on Saturday, April 29th; 6:30 – 11:30pm at the Savoy Opera House!

This amazing item will be available to bid on!

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this event happen!

Especially our chairs; Erika Piña Loucks and Julia Rebert  AND our fantastic Development Director Lonnie Reese!



April/May News

Dear Families:

We are on the final countdown!    It has been an incredibly fast year.

Third Trimester Reading Logs will be due Monday, May 22nd.  Please check and see how your student is doing so far with their Reading Log.

Chapter 8 Social Studies test is set for Thursday, May 4th. They should spend a few minutes each night studying.

We have our last art class tomorrow from Mrs. Scovil, the docent from the Tucson Museum of Art. We feel so fortunate to have had her expertise all year.  The children have done some beautiful art pieces.  Some of them are definitely worth framing!

We will start our last literature book of the year sometime this week.  We will be doing a Book Club which means that the book your child chooses to read will be read for the pure enjoyment of reading a great book.  There will be lots of discussion of character, plot, development, theme, etc.  I will give them a choice of 5-6 books, and they will work in small groups.  Last year it was a giant success so I am hoping the same will be true this year.

Reminder: Friday is Free Dress and students need to read the Free Dress Guidelines!

I hope to see many of you at the GALA on Saturday evening.  It looks like it will be amazing!

Ms. Hayward



Standardized Testing Week

Dear Families;

During the week of April 10th through April 12th,  grades 4-5 students will be taking Stanford Achievement Tests. The Stanford Achievement Test series is a nationally recognized program designed to reflect both recent findings in educational research and current practices in education.  A pool of commonly taught concepts and skills are distilled from reviews of state guidelines for education, state and district curricula, the most widely used textbook series, and recent research literature in education.

In order for us to get an accurate picture of education at St. Michael’s we need your child to be present (there are no make-up tests given) and performing at his/her best.  We ask your cooperation in the following ways:

  1. On some mornings we will be testing right at 8 A.M. so please make sure that your child arrives on time. We cannot interrupt a test once it has started so it’s important that your child be there at the beginning of the testing block.
  2. Please make sure that he/she has had a good breakfast so that he/she will not run out of energy.
  3. Finally, please make sure that they have had a good night’s sleep.

Thank you for your support not only in this matter but throughout the year.  It is truly a pleasure to work with the parents at St. Michael’s.  Results from the test will be mailed to you with the final grades.


Heritage Presentations have begun…

Today the fifth grade started giving their oral presentation to their fifth grade peers. I was very proud of all my students. And extra proud of those who volunteered to go first!

Great job today: Derek, Jack, Luc, Isabel, Alexa, Casey, Riley, and Olivia!

Notes about Phoenix Field Trip – Tomorrow, April 4th

Phoenix Field Trip

Be at school, ready to board the bus at 7:55am

We MUST leave at 8:00am sharp!


You may bring small Hand Held Electronics w/ Earbuds…. IF we can hear the electronics we will take them away.


Kindles, Nooks, iPads are fine BUT student is responsible. (Movies G or PG only)


There is no wifi on bus. There are no charging outlets to recharge devices.


Students are responsible for their own items, including $$$.

Students may NOT borrow  items or $$$$ from anyone else; including parent chaperones!


All items will remain on bus while we are in Capital and Science Center! The bus driver stays with bus and it is locked while we are away.

Students will only take their spending $ into Science Center.


This is a good day to wear a watch.




  • One small bag to hold personal items
  • One lunch
  • One water bottle
  • $$$ (optional) for gift shop at Science Center and Capital




We return between 5:30pm and 5:50pm.

We will try to have homeroom parents send a text or phone call when we reach Marana so you can meet us in the parking lot on time.

Please park in the parking lot and NOT DROP OFF lanes so bus can enter parking lot safely.


March 14th; Pi Day Fun!!

5th Grade joined 6th Grade for a Pi Day Math activity which was not only a lot of fun but also a great collaboration of math minds!

The 5th graders got a chance to mix and mingle with the 6th graders and Ms. Gould, Mrs. Breault, and Dr. Schaub.




Today, students determined the relative concentrations of three mystery salt solutions (the most concentrated and the most dilute) by comparing equal volumes on a balance. More concentrated solutions have a greater mass.

Later this week, students will  observe that a mass piece sinks in one liquid and floats in another, because the liquids are different densities. Armed with the knowledge that less dense objects float on more dense liquids, students investigate four salt solutions to discover which is more concentrated based on how they layer.