Today, students designed an investigation to determine the necessary conditions for activating dry yeast. After determining that water and a cookie produce yeast activity, they conducted an experiment to discover that it is the sugar in the cookie that activates the yeast. Yeast is introduced as a single-celled fungus.

Moving on to the Human System, the students got an introduction to the digestive system.  We will move on to the circulatory and vascular systems this week.


Weekly News from 5B

Dear Families,

I want to remind everyone that we are dismissed from school at noon tomorrow.  There will be aftercare if needed. Teachers are having an afternoon of professional development.

Congratulations to everyone who tried out and will be part of “The Little Mermaid” cast.  We will look forward to seeing them perform in January.

We are working really hard to make sure that everyone is completing their homework in a timely manner.  It may be helpful if you periodically ask to see their assignment books to make sure that they have completed all the work assigned for the evening.

Our 1st QWest for our new Lit Study Sing Down the Moon is this Friday. It will also include parts of speech and how to use the word in a sentence, along with the definition.

We are drawing pictures and writing stories for Eagle’s Quill, which are due on September 26th. The theme is ‘the 80’s’! So I did some sharing this morning and they probably would love for you to do the same. The topics were: the movie E.T., the video game Pac Man, Cabbage Patch Dolls, CD’s, Aerobics, Mountain Bikes, Space Shuttle Program and more….

We are also starting Ch. 2 in Math and discussing the relationship of fractions, decimals, and percents.

Have a great day!

Ms. Hayward



A Note from Ms. Garcia

Dear Fifth Grade Families:

I wanted all families to be aware of next Friday’s Social Studies test on Chapter 3, Lessons 1-4.  We have read it together, done the vocabulary words, answered the main questions in each lesson’s review, done the chapter review, and completed the necessary pages in the Practice book.  In addition, we have taken notes for Lessons 1-4 in Chapter 3.  All of these components will be what your child needs to study for the test.  Since they have not taken very many tests like this, we have talked about it and have come up with a plan so that they can all be successful.  The plan is for them to reread the lessons and go over their notes, etc.  I suggested 15-20 minutes a day for studying time.  These study skills will prove invaluable for them if they follow our plan.  If you have any questions, please see me.


Welcome to fifth grade Spanish! We are starting off the year learning about “las partes del cuerpo” or parts of the body. We are singing songs, and dancing.  We are also creating our own creatures and writing about them. On Tuesday, September 11 we will be having our first quiz. Each student has received a vocabulary study guide to help them review. Have a great week!

Sra. Van Straalen