Over the past couple of weeks, students used techniques of filtering and evaporation to separate the products of the reactions (baking soda, calcium chloride, and citric acid).  Students found they could make a precipitate, or new product – chalk – when the calcium chloride and baking soda were mixed together.

Using combinations of the substances (again, baking soda, calcium chloride and citric acid), students produced chemical reactions in a zip bag. The closed systems allow students to effectively observe the volume of gas and discover a new precipitate when all three substances are mixed in a bag.
On Monday, students collected water samples from the school and use observation and evaporation to determine what’s in each sample.
We will wrap up this unit on Friday, March 29 by making our own ice cream in a bag.
Our final test on Mixtures and Solutions will be on April 3.

April is just around the corner! Here are a few reminders!


  1.  Students should have their poems memorized by Friday, March 29.  Please listen to them recite their poems each evening. The more they practice the better they will do when they recite for Ms. Garcia, myself and their peers on Monday, April 1.
  2. The next Qwest will be on Tuesday, April 2nd.  This will be the vocabulary and part of speech for Chapters 29 – 49.
  3. This Wednesday we have two exciting things happening.  The string quartet from the Tucson Symphony will be here at school.  It is also Step-up Day where the 5th graders go visit the 6th-grade teachers and see the classrooms and the area they will be in next year.  This is from 1:45-3:20 pm.
  4. This Friday there will be a free dress day along with FREE Eegees in front of the school starting at 3:20 pm.


Check out our great courtyard! We had a door decorating contest and all the doors looked amazing.

On Friday we listened to a guest author – Jackie Alpers!

Portrait of Jackie Alpers

Jackie Alpers is an award-winning professional food photographer and the author of Sprinkles!: Recipes and Ideas for Rainbowlicous Desserts.


3/11 – 3/15 Weekly News

Dear Families,

This week we are celebrating Love of Reading Week.  We kicked this off in chapel this morning with  Wilma the Wildcat and Mandy Hart reading a story to us.  We will have various activities throughout the week including a guest author on Friday.  To go along with this, we will have our annual Book Fair.  The Book Fair hours are Tuesday (7:30-6:30), Wednesday (7:30-5:00), Thursday (7:30-5:00), and Friday (7:30-3:30).  This is a great place to pick up a new book.  If any parent has a couple of free hours, your help is needed in staffing the Book Fair.  Let me know and I can put you in touch with Susie Huerta.


  1. Chapter 9 Social Studies test will be on Thursday.  Hopefully, your child has been studying.  They review a little bit in class each day.  Ask your child about Ms. Garcia’s “Jeopardy” game.
  2. Author Larry Lincoln will be speaking here at school on Tuesday from 5-6:30.  He has written a book on self-care and self-awareness.  This for parents only.
  3. We are celebrating “Pi Day” on Thursday.
  4. Friday is “Green Day” in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.  Students have ‘relaxed dress’ with a theme of GREEN.
  5. Chapter 5 Math test is next Tuesday on March 19th.

We are in the process of picking a 16-24 line poem written by a published author.  Students will memorize their poem, and then say it for 5th grade.  We only have a little time to practice in the classroom so most of the poem will need to be memorized at home.

Stop by to see our Love of Reading decorated door.  All of the students had a part in planning this, and we will vote on our favorite door in the courtyard later in the week.

Wilma also helped Mrs. Beault get the students excited for ‘Pi Day’ on 3/14!

How far to the right can you recite Pi???? Ask your student tonight!

Thank you for all your support.

Lots of Reminders for 3/4 – 3/8

Dear Families,

  1.  We will celebrate Mardi Gras on Tuesday with a free pancake and sausage lunch for all students.  We will also listen to the steel drum band during our lunchtime.
  2. Because of Ash Wednesday, we will flip-flop our Wednesday and Thursday schedules.  Thursday will be our noon dismissal day (it is usually on a Wednesday).
  3. Please remember to sign and return the report card envelopes.
  4. There will be a vocabulary test for Sophia’s War on Friday.  Students have started to study vocabulary words.  It is much easier to study for a few minutes every day than to wait until the night before.
  5. There will be a Boy Scouts bake sale on Friday in front of the school.  Sale times are 7:30 to 8:00 and then starting again right after school.
  6. Chapter 9 Social Studies test will be on Thursday, March 14.  Students should have their chapter notes, vocabulary, and Practice Book information so that they can begin to study.  Again, a little bit of studying time each night really pays off in the end.

Congratulations to Finn Hawes who qualified for the State Geography Bee.  His love of maps has really paid off!!  Go Finn!!

Thank you for all you do to help your child be successful.