Info about next week; February 11th – 15th

I will be here on Monday BUT I will not be here from Tuesday – Friday. I have a huge family wedding to attend in the Dominican Republic so Julie O’Shell will be my sub.

I wanted to give you a heads up about Thursday and Friday as these are special days.

On Thursday they will have a small  Valentine celebration in class toward the end of the day.  Students may bring Valentines for just 5B or both 5A and 5B.  Please have your child bring a bag or box to collect their Valentines. This is also a relaxed dress day with a Valentine theme.  Please look at the dress code guidelines if you have any questions.

On Friday, February 15 we are having the theme of crazy socks day.  Students wear their regular school uniform with their most crazy socks.


A Note from Ms. Garcia.

We have almost finished with Chapter 8 in Social Studies.  This time there were Lessons 1-5.  There is so much information in this chapter.  I am giving everyone a heads up that the Chapter 8 test will be Thursday, February 7.  Students already have their notes for these chapters as well as the vocabulary and end of the lesson review questions.  It is so much easier to prepare for a test like this if they spend 10-15 minutes a night reviewing the material.  It would be an impossibility to try to review the night before.

1/22 4 Day Week!

Dear Families:

I hope everyone had a great three-day break.  It was nice to have that extra day added to our weekend!

Students received new book orders for January and February. Book Orders are due by 2/1, please.

We will be having our next Qwest #2 vocabulary quiz for Rules on Friday, February 1st.

The Little Mermaid will be performed this coming weekend.  Tennyson, Addy, Calvin, Samia, Kylie, Bella, and Sophia from 5th Grade will be in the production.  Everyone has been working very hard so I am sure it will be a wonderful production.

Math-a-Thon pledges are due on January 23rd.  You can either drop them off in the office or send them into me.

In Social Studies they are starting Lesson 4 in Chapter 8.  There are 5 lessons in this chapter so that means that it is not too early to start reviewing Lessons 1, 2 & 3.  Ms. Garcia has not set a date for the chapter test, but there is a lot of material to be reviewed so students need to be studying every night.

Have a great week!

1/14 Memo

Dear Families:

This week the students have a Math Test on Wednesday and their first QWest for the Lit Study ‘Rules’  on Friday so they should be studying a little bit each night.

We are looking forward to our Spelling Bee on Friday.  Preston Miller, Kallista Favre, and Owen Brosanders will be representing the 5th Grade.  Thomas Walsh will be the alternate.  We wish them all the best.  The Bee is at 8:06 in the Student Center.  They will be competing against 4th, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.

Next Monday we will be off of school celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr.

And finally, thank you, Hudson, for another Great Student of the Week Presentation!

Enjoy your week!

1/7 Happy New Year!

Dear Families,

I hope your break was wonderful and relaxing!  Thank you all so much for your generosity.  I received wonderful Christmas presents and was so touched by your kindness.

We are starting a new literature study in Reading.  We will be reading the book Rules by Cynthia Lord.  We will use the same format of looking up vocabulary words and answering questions on each chapter.  We will still be practicing citing text evidence in our answers.

In Social Studies they are starting a chapter on the American Revolution. They will reinforce the concepts learned by watching the Liberty Kids series.

Progress reports will be handed out at parent conferences.   I look forward to meeting with everyone.

I  also look forward to a great 2nd half of the school year with your children.


Ms. Hayward

Happy New Year!

I so look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow! I hope everyone had a happy, healthy, and safe holiday break. I had a nice break and enjoyed my trip to Loch Lomond, California to visit my son who moved there last July.

We start off the new year with a lot of exciting things including a new literature study, the school spelling bee, and the math-a-thon!

We will meet at Parent Teacher Conferences where you will receive your child’s progress report. I will post a hard copy on my bulletin board tomorrow BUT those of you who read my email may sign up that way as well.

Ms. Hayward

Last Days of 2018 for 5th Grade

The first half of the school year has gone so quickly! Your amazing students are half way to becoming Middle Schoolers!

Tomorrow is Las Posadas, the last event before the holiday break.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  The event will begin around 1:40 pm.   Students are dismissed after the service.

Have a happy and safe holiday season!

A few more pictures from 2018!